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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Jeff's Birthday!

For Jeff's birthday this year I decided to actually take him somewhere.
He's always surprising me with special getaways for my Birthday and or Valentine's Day every
year so I decided to actually take him somewhere. In true me fashion we went to see my sister Judy in Cincinnati. (I'm cheap and poor. Bad combo!) He was fine with it he always gets along well with Judy. He was glad to get away. He was also a little proud of me for coming up with his birthday plans all on my own. I'm bad at planning things.

This did give us a chance to check out Goodwill Stores we don't ordinarily go to. Of course we didn't get to as many as we'd hoped but the fun was in the hunt. It's what we like to do. We didn't find much either but that's okay too. It's mostly being in the right place at the right time. We did find another thrift store down the street from a Goodwill that had a lot more stuff at cheaper prices. We did find stuff there. Well, Jeff did. Nothing worth mentioning.

Also on the agenda was a trip to Newport Aquarium. Judy came with us. She wanted to see it too. It was pretty awesome. If you like aquatic life which we do. I was missing Shark Week. So sad it's only a week a year! They have tons of different fish and turtles and frogs, and alligators and other underwater animals. The best part was the Surrounded by sharks exhibit. I really loved that one. It was an extremely long tunnel you walk through and they have lots of different sharks swimming around you. Shark rays, manta rays, nurse sharks, tiger sharks and more. I'd never seen such large sharks so close, it was so awesome. That was the last exhibit besides the section where you can touch several different types of sharks. Which I did. Which was scary. I'm terrified of shark bites. Silly these weren't the dangerous sharks.

Also Jeff finally got to see Hancock and Don't Mess with the Zohan. Which I hadn't seen either. They were alright.

Fun was had by all.


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