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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The Cavern

That's right it's time for another totally unfocused stupid movie review.

So you know that movie "The Descent?" Well it's a great movie. But I'm not reviewing that movie here. "The Descent" is a great movie and highly plausible situation. "The Cave" is yet another caving movie that is better than "The Cavern." I didn't even like "The Cave," but it was better.

We start of on a caving expedition and it's kind of confusing what is going on but somehow they get out and before we know it they are starting another trip to another previously unknown cave system. Now there is this really long drawn out scene around a fire. This I can only assume is to introduce the characters and to get us to like them. It completely fails here. They also introduce the idea that one of them left people behind in a previous expedition.

The next day they finally go into the cavern. Of course there is a creature down there. And lots of fog for some reason. One can only assume that it is to cover up the fact that they are not in a cave.
Or somebody got a fog machine and really wanted to get their money's worth. So there was fog. Despite the fact that there probably wouldn't have been fog in the cave.

So eventually somebody presumably dies. The guy who allegedly left people behind left someone behind here. This is a big theme in this movie. If it looks like someone is in trouble leave them behind. One character thought caves were living things and if he just talked to the cave they would be fine. That didn't work, he got it too.

So pretty much everyone dies. We find out that it was some guy who's plane crashed when he was a kid so he's been fending for himself so he kills people and eats them. There were two girls on the expedition, guess what he did with them?

So I hated all the characters, even the cave dweller. It had bad effects. The camera was jumpy, for effect I guess, suspense? I don't know maybe they had a bad camera man. Whatever it almost gave me a headache from the sheer stupidity of the film. I'm so glad I didn't pay full price for that film.


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