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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black Christmas

Here is one more movie remake in the already clogged world of horror movie remakes.
I don't think it's necessary to name them. My thoughts on the matter of remaking any movie, not just the classics, are that if you can't improve upon it, don't try. (Thank you very much PSYCHO remake!) However, this post isn't about remakes, it's about Black Christmas, which happens to be a remake.

To be fair, I haven't seen the original so I can't compare them. I had heard that this offering wasn't any better than the original. Worse actually. It was pretty bad. So bad I'll probably never watch it again. Not to many movies I can say that about, but there it is.

The story is about a bunch of sorority girls being stalked and killed by a crazy person. Real original idea right? There is the regular set up. You know, this one is mean, that one's a goody goody, over there is the misfit. The introduce them and make us care ruse. Hardly ever works, I just wanted the jerks to die. While they were introducing the less than memorable characters, they also decided it necessary to explain the back story through a series of ridiculous flashbacks in which there was the unnecessary use of cg. Something I hate. I'm just guessing though, I don't see any other way they could have made that kid's skin glow.

Que the violins, we have a tale of a family of three, they lived in the sorority house before it became a sorority house. The parents hated one another and the mother hated the son. .He was a freak that glowed green, who can blame her? So of course she cheated on her husband then with her lover killed her husband and buried him in the basement. Of course the son saw all. They chased the son to the attic. Then locked him up there for years and years it seems. Don't worry, in true B-movie fashion, he climbed up to the attic through the walls. I'm sure he was sneaking out of there to eat. So blah blah blah, gag me I almost threw up watching this movie, embarrassing but true, that hardly ever happens, but one thing led to another he killed his mom and her lover and got sent to a mental hospital. Now back to the present he escapes from the hospital and is coming home.

I know I was supposed to feel bad for all those people that died but for the most part I just couldn't care. I wish I could say I was drunk when I watched it, would have made it more entertaining. There was a twist even I didn't see coming but that doesn't make it cool.

Big, big let down, tremendous even, huge let down. It goes on the list of movies that thank gosh I didn't put any money down for it.

Maybe I should review something I like for a change, these bad movies can really depress me.


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