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Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Days of Darkness

I once again browsed the horror movie section at Best Buy and found another gem, "Days of Darkness." Of course when I say gem I mean terrible terrible mistake. Not like Caverness mistake but mistake nonetheless.

What to say about a movie chalk full of soap opera actors and nobodys.
Well, it starts out like many Zombie flicks with people that are separated from society as a comet plumets to the earth. The two folks we start out with keep mentioning how dusty they are when they wake up to find themselves covered in dust. Space dust. They find their car really dusty. They mention the dust once more. By now it's glaringly obvious that something is up with the dust. Almost immediately they are attacked by, you guessed it, Zombies. Not just any kind of zombie, but space dust infested zombies.

As they are fighting off their attackers, a truck pulls up, conveniently and helps them out and tells them to follow him in their car. Because if you are fleeing zombie invested territory, it is best to flee in a convoy. Everyone knows that, it's in the ZOMBIE SURVIVAL GUIDE. Wait, no it's not, it doesn't say anything about a convoy. Sorry, I don't know what happened there. But they escape following truck guy to an eerily secure base. Yeah, like a bunker, or a cave....That's not familiar.

So let's see, not incredibly original there. Well, then it gets worse from there, there are some cool fight scenes then they figure out kind of what's going on. An alien life form came on the comet and used human bodies as a host. The definite message of this film is drinking alcohol is good for you, that's important in the film.

In conclusion because I'm just writing this to write it, this movie to me was a combination of "INVASION OF THE BODY SNATCHERS," "NIGHT OF THE COMET," "DAY OF THE DEAD," and "GHOSTS OF MARS." Only not even remotely as much fun as any of them. The most fun it afforded was seeing Tom Eplin acting again but he was kind of a jerk in the movie and I just wasn't comfortable with that.


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