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Friday, December 26, 2008

A Uwe Boll Rant....SEED.

I have long supported Uwe Boll. I'm a firm believer that people should find a career path that
makes them happy. You know, as long as what you are doing makes you happy. In his case, he can keep making movies that are not great. I know huge understatement! There will always be someone out there to watch them.

One problem with his movies usually is that he either under explains or over explains what is going on. Some movies underestimate the intelligence of their viewers. I hate that. I can usually figure out what is going on. If I can't figure it out then there is a problem.

A prime example of over explaining would be in "Bloodrayne" when we have watched the entire movie and then at the end we get a flashback of the entire movie. Of course, Rayne flashed back a lot in that movie, but I just watched the movie and saw all that stuff and then she's sitting there on the throne obviously reflecting then I get to watch the whole movie over again in her head. I can tell she's going over it, do I really have to see all of it again?

The best example I can think of that is the opposite is "Seed." It was just a mess, and it was just a mess, one minute they are watching tapes sent to them from a serial killer, the next they are going to his house and searching through a pitch black house for him with a very small force of sheriff's deputies and armed each with a gun and a flash light. Oh, did I mention they couldn't see? Well that's not the point. The point is that I had no idea how they figured out who or where he was.

Another problem is his movies seem to have poor casting. Tara Reid wasn't even convincing as a human being in "Alone in the Dark." How about Michael Madsen and Michelle Rodriguez in a movie set in medieval times "BloodRayne." Oh yeah, along those lines also Ray Liotta, Burt Reynolds and a lot of the cast of a Dungeon Siege tale. I can't speak on "Postal." I haven't seen it.

So, "Seed." What to say besides what I've said already. This movie is meant to show his critics that they are wrong and he can do a good job. What the result of this was he took everything that was fun about all his other movies and threw that out, kept all the bad stuff, and put alot of messed up really grisly scenes in that were unwatchable, even for me. I'll watch alot, it really takes something bad for me not to want to watch it. He brought overkill to a whole new level.

It starts off with some really disturbing scenes of what looks like actual footage of animals being cruelly tortured to death. I guess the serial killer is watching them? Then we see a cop having a nightmare that the serial killer got out of jail. What did they catch him? We see a guy in an electric chair and an annoying man complaining that he doesn't want to kill anyone else in that chair. Then we see the cops sitting around the tv watching footage shot by the serial killer. Then all of a sudden they know who he is go right to his house walk right in, more grisly scenes because they didn't have so much as a flood lamp and it was night time in the woods and raining. Then they execute him and the chair never got replaced and he didn't die and then. Oh well, I guess I won't give it all away. I didn't find the least bit believeable, what I understood, even though it was loosley based on actual events. That's the worst part.

I don't recomend it at all, or maybe watch it with your eyes closed. I don't suggest drug ingestion or alcohol use if and when you watch it either. I'm sure it wouldn't enhance the experience at all.

I'm done with this one. It was so disturbing that I'm thankful I did not watch it alone. When my sister fell asleep I turned it off and went to bed. It bothered me that much. Comments are as always welcome.


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