What, me worry?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Happy Holidays!

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas!

I'm looking into getting cable internet for myself and my parents as well. Hopefully by the new year I can update more frequently.

My Christmas was alright. My boyfriend and I hung out and watched some newer Zombie movies (of course)he knows I like them so he looks for them.

The first was alright, it was called "Dead Men Walking." It's about a viral outbreak in a maximum security prison. Once the infection begins spreading in the prison, the prison is quarentined everyone is stuck with the infected individuals. If you are infected, you die and you come back to life. There's a scene when a woman and her two children are waiting in the waiting area to see the kids daddy you only assume, there is no explaination, just so you wonder, will they go there, will they kill children in this movie? Well, I guess you'll have to see it. It's pretty gorey, there are some disgusting scenes where people puke up there guts. That always grosses me out. It is clearly one of those that could have been a lot better. My problem, the infected guy who is put in the prison, well he was charged with a triple homicide, never convicted, the trial had not yet occured. They moved him to this maximum security prison with what the CDC(Center for Disease Control) thought was a pretty toxic infection. This seems pretty unrealistic to me. Not only that but a representative from the CDC, yes only one, pays a visit to the prison to question the infected prisoner. There was no character development whatsoever and I rooted for every person on the cast to die. Not to mention the fact that it seemed they filmed the zombies runing down one or two different hallways and they used these sequences over and over again to illustrate that the zombies were hot on the heels of the live people. Oh, and the acting was bad.
My favorite line from this film: "I don't enjoy killing my coworkers!"

The second movie was my favorite of the two. It was called, "Dead Life." I'm not saying it was a masterpiece or anything. The acting really wasn't the best.
The writing and editing could have been better. But it was shot on a really low budget. It was this film makkers first film ever. He planned to shoot it on super 8 then they thought they might us 16 milimeter, and super 8 was just plain cheaper.
The plot was pretty much the same sort of thing as all the latest zombie movies, a deadly virus is infecting everyone. A virus called Necrotizing Faceitis M is running rampant through Midwest America killing the living and reviving the dead. Life changes quickly for Maxx and his friends as survival becomes a struggle. The group is consumed one by one as Maxx prepares for his final face off with the walking dead.
The director is obviously a Romero fan, as our hero is holed up in an old house. It really was pretty funny in some places. All in all I thought it was the more entertaining of the two. Had they a bigger budget and good actors and better dialog, it might have been really good.

I'd have to say that of the two if I was going to buy one, I'd buy the second.

Monday, December 05, 2005


Well, I saw "Rent" and I enjoyed it very much. Despite the fact that my sister was singing in my ear the whole time. She did the same when we saw it on stage. I wasn't suprised.

The movie is of coursed based on the Broadway Musical of the same name. It follows several artistic characters living in New York dealing with love, poverty and yes, AIDS.

Rent was based on the Musical "LA BOHEME"

It was great to see most all of the origional broadway cast in the show on screen.

They made Rent into more of a musical than an opera. There were a lot more speaking lines than on stage. The speaking lines were right out of the songs, so they eliminated songs but the lyrics remained in the movie. This made no sense to me. If you are going to cut it, cut it.

Another problem I saw, a minor problem was that they changed the fact that it was one big night that changed all their lives. One incredible night. In the movie the night was actually several days.

Other than those things, the movie was great.