What, me worry?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Mist

So, I saw the mist.

My impression of the preview was, so, it's like "THE FOG?" It's not.
It actually isn't bad.

It starts out with them seeing a mist coming over a lake after a storm. Then there is a trip to the store and the mist reaches the store and then they realize through a character running into the store that there is something in the mist. So all the people are trapped in the store. Every attempt to escape seems to end in death. The story is made more interesting by the crazy woman in the store who believes herself to be the voice of god. This aspect makes the story scarier also in that the film explores just how fast the fears of people in dire straits can turn to hysteria. So we follow a small group of people who look to me to be reason in a crazy situation who appear to be persecuted by the crazy religious masses. They make it necessary to escape.

The special effects were pretty cool. I felt they were visually appealing. The creatures to me looked like living creatures, I thought anyway.

My one problem, because I always have one, was the decision the main character and the survivors made. (Without giving anything away.) I felt the final decision was out of character no matter what promises were made.

I might have to read over this later, it probably doesn't make sense.