What, me worry?

Monday, July 17, 2006


Success at last!

The trouble my sister has been having with her boyfriend is, well not at an end, but she has been fighting with him a lot since a couple weeks ago. Last week, Thursday, I was home for lunch, well, before then even.

Wednesday he called her to complain about his side hurting him. Whining again. She agreed to drive him. Of course he couldn't drive himself to the hospital. He might get caught driving without a license. He had a hearing on Monday, just a preliminary hearing. That case is still pending a trial.

Thursday she takes Noah, their newborn, and she drives Idiot Barry to the hospital. Afterward they came back here because Jennifer wanted to get Zeke, that's the older child.She wanted to give Barry a chance to see his children. Barry didn't want to come back here so he started whining. I think he thinks if they come here it gives her a chance to decide to stay home. We've decided he doesn't want to see the children, he wants to see her, he uses them as a way to get to her. Like the previous incident which our parents have finally been aprised of, when he said she couldn't have the kids back after he begged her to come get them. He has since said that he doesn't want to see them unless she is there. He has told her get them a new father, then apologized and said he didn't mean it. Then he's turned around and said it again.
Ok, so they were in the driveway and he was being an ass again of course, that's what he does best. As I said, I went home for lunch. I was watching from a bedroom window phone in hand poised to dial 911. Do I need to say I've been waiting two years at least for this Moron to mess up? Well I watched my sister crying as she tried to get Noah's car seat out of the car. Barry wasn't letting go. I noticed Zeke was just wandering around the driveway. Then I looked back to the car, he was whining, you know, how a child whines at the store when they want a toy or candy or just anything. When she tried to get the car seat yet again, he's yelling at her telling her she's stupid, how he's not hateful or being hateful, everything wrong in all their lives is all her fault, all the things an insecure guy says to keep a woman down. He jerked the car seat pretty hard. That was the final straw. I went out into the driveway and my youngest sister Jax followed. He looked over and started yelling at us how we didn't need to come outside it's none of our business. Dumbass, it's our family, they are our nephews and you can be damn sure if they are in danger, I'm willing to step in and protect them, it's just part of who I am.
I said, give her Noah or I'm calling the cops, and he whined some more. He resorts to calling us babies because that's all he is. I don't care how he insults me, he's not worth it. He's one of those people that aren't worth ripping on because it's too easy.

Called the cops on him like I said. She left with him then came back with the car. Then she left again because he was whining about getting his ulcer medicine or something like that. She left the car with him so she wouldn't be at his beck and call. Good, more chances for him to get caught driving without a license.

The next day he was supposed to pick up his children for a visit at 12pm. Big shocker, he never showed. Then we went to dinner Jennifer, her boys, Jax and me. Jennifer's cell rang, it was him. She answered. Like all the other times I could hear him clearly, the boy talks loud. He again blames her for everything. Saying all the same things, why are you being this way, stupid stuff like that. What does that even mean? He's says, I'm not waiting around all weekend to see them. She said fine then don't. She stopped answering the phone then. We ran a few errands after dinner. He called, must have been about a hundred missed calls on her phone.

She must have answered the phone sometime and he must have made the same lame apologies as before and she must have fallen for them, again, because that Sunday, she borrowed Mom's car and took the boys to see him. Of course he again became enraged because she didn't plan to stay with him. The rear window on the driver side must have been a little bit down, because he grabbed it and kind of yanked on it and it shattered and the babies were right there! His babies right? The ones he's so proud he "fathered?" I mean, we had many disagreements about what an ass he is, he and I, in which commonly he would say, "I HAVE A BABY BY HER!!!" To which I would say, "So what? It's not their fault their father's an ass!" He never thought it was funny, humor is totally lost on the stupid.

After the incident I just mentioned, when he broke the window to Mom's car she said she was going to persue custody and he wouldn't get to see them anymore. Then the following Tuesday, she went to a movie with our sister Jax and left Zeke, the elder, with his father. I failed to mention that Zeke in particular seems to be the one that the dumbass is most fond of. On a number of occasions, Jax has witnessed that dumbass try and keep him from Jennifer. He threatened to take both children to an undisclosed place, just words right? But you have to wonder, he is a sort of heat of the moment act before you think kind of person. She then another day last week took them both over there. In Mom's car! After she just got the window fixed from the
window shattering incident.

It scares me everytime she goes over there and even more when she leaves the boy. You can never say what a person says when they are so unpredictable.