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Sunday, September 17, 2006

Big Brother and Survivor

I've decided to cover these in one post so that people can get all their insults out at once regarding my reality TV viewing. (I stand by my assertion that if people know they are being watched it ceases to be reality. The script is more improve but I never believe that this is what these people are really like. It's just called reality TV.)

My biggest critiscism of Big Brother is one, Julie Chen is a terrible host. One night she relied way too heavily on those cue cards for a speech she's delivered every week for about five summers. I spent more times screaming at Julie this past summer than I can count. I think it would be more fun if one or more of the past house guests was the host.

All in all, after I got over the initial shock that I would not get to watch Bunky on BB7 Allstars, this past season turned out pretty good. Especially toward the end when it got really exciting. Plus it was fun watching Will and Janelle, even if their flirting was real, you can't fake chemistry. You can have that even if you don't like each other. The Boogie and Erika relationship was kind of gross. That was mostly because he did not appear interested in her at all. She seemed really insecure, and also like she couldn't really read people. I mean, can't she tell when she's kissing a dude that if he turns away like he did, he's just not into her. It made her look really pathetic. I feel bad for her, I really do. She didn't even win after coming off looking so bad. I have to say it though, I don't think she ever stood a chance at winning. She was outplayed by everyone I think, well maybe not Chicken Man George. I honestly would not have predicted Boogie winning or getting that far, I thought Chilltown would be out first, but for some reason they stuck around. This is why it's cool one of them won. I wanted Janelle, but since they changed Big Brother in America and took practically out of our hands, I didn't get much say. I didn't even vote for her to get the $25,000 because you could only vote by texting on a Cingular phone, which yes I have one, but I don't know how to text (yeah, REALLY! Go ahead and laugh, I don't care, I'm sure I could figure it out if I wanted to.)

The Bad, I think I'd be really good at this game. I can adapt into different social situations pretty well. I'm good at getting along with people I don't like. There are quite a few people I've come across in my work life I have deceived into thinking I like them by being friendly in order to make the environment more bearable. Not co-workers, I would consider them more as peers, or competitors. We gather a lot of the same info for the same kind of clients, it's best not to make waves, they could make the records less obtainable if they chose to. But the last Big Brother got me thinking, I'm at such a cross roads in my life, it could be a good time to apply for the next season. I'm terrified that- I won't be accepted, I wouldn't be able to get that time off all at once if I did get accepted, I wouldn't win and then be without a job, And then I would have trouble getting another job because stupid me never finished school. At that point would I have to go back to school? Where would that money come from with no job? I'm just a big scardy cat, I know.

Now for the controversial new season of Survivor. It's just started maybe I will have to post on it again. So far, I like it. I'm not easily offended. To me people are people no matter what they look like. I'm not shallow, so there. I can however see where people might see something wrong with it. I have seen enough civil rights law suits to know that this could be bad. I hope not. Survivor is my favorite reality show of all time!!!

That's enough of this.

Until next time.......

Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Current Part 2

My relationship with Jeff is the one I call my first grown up relationship. Perhaps it is because it was at this time I decided to stop moping around like a big baby and actually try and get out of the gigantic rut I dug for myself. Long story short, in case you don't know me, I decided it would be a good idea to drop out of college being bored with the whole college thing after only a year and a half. So basically my life was work all night sleep all day. No boyfriend no nothing, so I discovered the chat room. That of course was unfulfilling. Especially when somebody started hacking people's handle's and got my phone number off the system somehow and called me on my house phone. Nothing happened just some bored kids from somewhere far away. How do I get so off point? I have no clue. The point is my life was a big nothing. There I was nearing mid 20's with nothing to show for my life but well, no there was nothing. I didn't even have a driver's license.

Then I meet Jeff, don't give him a chance then we got thrown together so often. So why not date him. He's 11 years older than me. Not that I've ever been concerned by things like that. The only person in my life that mentioned it was my grandmother. She met him at my older brother's wedding and pulled me aside and asked, "Did you know that he's bald?" What do you say to that? It was one of those questions that grandmother's ask that you can only think to say nothing because you don't want to be rude to your grandmother. So I of course said, "Yeah, he was born that way." She then had to ask,"How old is he?" She thought since he was bald he must be at least 20 years older than me. Not! Actually he started balding when he was in college. The age gap isn't so big really when you think about it. It's only gross when you think when I was 8 he was going to prom. When I was 6 he'd learned to drive and was dating.

We went from dating to actually being a couple one night when we took Jennifer out for dinner for her birthday to Chili's in Greenwood. The three of us went back to his place. I had a few drinks, I believe in those days I was drinking long islands and black russians, I was a little drunk, it might have been margaritas that night, I really can't remember. Somehow he and I wound up in his bed. So basically I'm a terrible person. Sue me. My sister was depressed and lonely and I had sex for the first time with my new boyfriend while she slept on the couch in the living room. Shame on me. Whatever. I don't know if I handled things at that time exactly right, I was totally screwed up and trying to get my life back on track. I guess I'm still working on that. After that night things with Jennifer weren't quite the same. They never have been since.

He and I were drinking quite a bit in those days. Our favorite place to go out was The Hollywood Bar and Filmworks. You get to eat drink AND watch a movie. My favorite things to do in life those days. We even took my parents a couple of times. My Dad thought it was great especially when Jeff shared a bucket of beer with him.

We also discovered we shared a love of thrift store shopping. Goodwill was where we spent a lot of time. He knew where there was a Goodwill on every side of town.

Soon, at work, the load got heavier. He got permission to hire on some extra help to pick up the slack. And the owner said to just find someone reliable. So he hired me. The job was to go to the Indiana Secretary of State Business Services Division and make photo copies of UCC liens from the UCC searches that we had orders for. The position eventually became permanent. Though the job description changed when the Secretary of State launched it's on-line system and kicked all the service companies out because we could just print our UCC searches off on our computers in the comfort of our offices. So I do something totally different now. I gather court records at the City County building as well as I help with the corporate filings at the Secretary of State. This is what I would call the end of the honeymoon period for our relationship. Not that that's a bad thing.

Sadly the beginning always ends which brings us to the middle, and the end of this post. I have decided to make this a series because you can't this whole relationship into one post.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Current

I've been debating re-posting or maybe even re-writing my articles on my exes but I've discovered, I just don't want to. I don't know if I'm just lazy, or I don't care anymore. The whole point was to I don't even know anymore. This current post is about my current boyfriend. I guess I was trying to chronicle who I'd been with in order to see how I got to where I am now.

So, my current boyfriend:

I met Jeff at my sister's wedding. She married David in the fall of '96. I was the maid of honor and Jeff, David's cousin, was the best man. The only things I remember of this meeting is, one, he was cute, two he was married, and three no, there is no three. That was it. He has said that he remembers that he felt some kind of connection during our one dance but he was married and he would never have acted on that. I know nothing of this connection. I don't remember that hmmmm. Let's move on.

Fast forward to the year 1999, summer. To a divorced Jeff and a single me. I was spending a lot of time with Jennifer and David. I'd hang out with them and they'd bring Jeff and unfortunately he'd bring the transitional Looney Lan.
(His wife left him claiming she wasn't who he married, she used to be someone else and she didn't marry him. Blah blah blah blah. I never loved you. Then she'd call him in the middle of the night and beg for him to let her come over and have sex. I don't know why he married her, he doesn't either. So anyway he started dating Looney Lan, that's what we call her now.) Transitional Girl Looney Lan didn't work out, they became friends. It's not right to date someone when you like her kids better than you like her.

This was also the last summer of Lilith Fair.
One day waiting in line for tickets to Lilith fair, Jennifer and her husband met a musicion also in line. Her name was Ugly Old Hoe-Bag. Wait that's not right. Her name was Deanna. The three of them became fast friends. Deanna wanted to be a famous singer. Jennifer and David thought that was cool. They started hanging around her all the time. They tried to fix Deanna up with Jeff. That didn't work, Jeff didn't like Deanna. Different temperaments. Oh, and she seemed like kind of a money grubber. Appearances made him look like he had some money. He had a very nice looking apartment at the time. If you didn't know better with some of the things inside, you might think he had a lot more money than he really did. Truth is most of his decor came from Goodwill Stores. Not rich, thrifty. What a disappointment for Deanna. Turns out she had a severe case of the I want what you haves, a good man, a supportive husband, you know a good solid guy, what we all want, that will do as she says when she says it. So Jennifer, David, Jeff, Deanna, and I hung out together a lot. It was weird, it was like if Jennifer was not there, David gravitated to Deanna, sometimes when Jennifer was there he would still gravitate to Deanna. One case, at the Hollywood Bar and Filmworks, I wasn't there. Jennifer, David and Deanna on one side of the table facing the screen with David in the middle. Jeff was on the other side of the table with his friend Drew, also facing the screen and the other three. Jeff and Drew saw David playing with both of the women's hair. Drew asked Jeff what was up with that and Jeff said he didn't know. I mentioned how David seems to spend a lot of time with Deanna and Jennifer said there was nothing too my suspicions.

Whatever this post isn't about my sister's divorce or the man stealer.

I hadn't decided if I wanted to date Jeff. What brought us together was David leaving Jennifer. We were both like, what the hell. Our first date, just the two of us was to
La Hacienda. We traded stories about times when we'd seen suspicious behavior between David and Deanna. After that we became and have been ever since.

The next post of this vein will be about the actual relationship. I'm not promising when though.