What, me worry?

Friday, August 18, 2006

I guess it's not even funny anymore...

OK, so say you have a gas leak right?

If you had a gas leak and you were in the house a long time, possibly you might not notice. But you have to leave to go to work right? Right, so wouldn't you notice the odor when you came home? Not so with stupid moron Barry. Yes, my sisters ex-moron, Barry.

The last couple of times she took the kids to his place she mentioned to him that she smelled gas. He did nothing about it. Until this week he said he left the gas on, on purpose, when he was sleeping so he could die in his sleep. Now, is this lame Barry trying to garner sympathy, wallowing in self-pity rather than being a man, or was he really high on gas fumes?

Jennifer talked to his other ex and she said she'd check it out. She took off early from work and called the gas company and went to his place. The gas company said that the gas leak was huge. It was in the crawl space under the house. Barry was in danger everytime he turned on or off the light.

And now he has no where to go. His family will not take him own, they say he is a grown man, he should take care of himself. I totally agree. Jennifer says, but they are his family! I know this, duh, his own mother, not every family is like ours. Our parents take us in when we need it. This is not the case in every family. I was just shocked that my sister would think that I would be sympathetic to his plight. What does he need to turn to his parents? Apparently he has two ex-girlfriends at his beck and call. He's never seemed to take care of himself.

Too bad he didn't light a match...

Anyway, maybe I'll have more thoughts later.