What, me worry?

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Rest In Peace

A word of warning to those who hate those who seem a little too close to their pets, you will hate this post so stop reading. Or read it, I don't care. I'll ignore you if you are rude anyway.

Yesterday sucked. I was sitting at my desk at work and my boyfriend/boss, Jeff, called me and told me that he had been up all night because (brief explaination of his living situation in case you don't know. His parents live with him and his Grandma is staying with him.) his grandma was throwing up everywhere. As a precaution they took her to the emergency room. Then they checked her in. Turns out she got the flu. A pretty nasty case. Jeff and his parents were told to be careful around her and to cross their fingers that they didn't get it. That sounds real promising. So of course now he has the Flu which leaves me in the office all alone for the rest of the week. He may not have got it except for the other thing that happened (this is where I get to the pet stuff. No, I wasn't refering to his grandmother as his pet!)

Jeff had two cats. They were both strays that he and his family took in. The older they had longer, his name was Scooby. The other's name is Snickerdoodle, Snickers for short, but this post doesn't really concern her. They had Scooby for about 5 years. He was a kitten when they took him in. He got a little mentally unbalanced in his old age. Everytime they took him to the vet he would act a little weird when he came home. He hated other cats. When they got Snickers they had to separate them until he got used to not being the only cat. They took him to the vet recently who couldn't account for his strange behavior. The vet said he couldn't do anything for him. He said the best thing to do for him is put him to sleep. Tuesday he saw a cat outside the window at their house and he was acting so strange, hissing and acting out that Jeff's mom locked him in the spare bedroom. It used to be the back porch but they recently had it inclosed as an extra room, so it has a glass door and they could watch him without him attacking them. So Jeff spent the night on the porch with Scooby and he said he was acting normal, but that was the way it was everytime. So yesterday, they had Scooby put to sleep. I feel so stupid because I'm sitting here crying and he wasn't even my cat.

When I was talking to Jeff he started crying. Not about his grandma but about the cat. That was weird I'd never heard him cry before. He's the one that loved that cat the most. He was really upset about it. That's what upsets me. He never tells me when he's upset. The whole thing is just plain weird.

I think the other thing that has me upset is I kind of see how he feels, well how I would feel if it was me. I had a dog a couple years ago and with work and everything I found it hard to care for her. That and when I got her I just didn't feel the dog owner bond I thought I'd have. I didn't know I loved her when I had her. It got to the point where if I kept her I would only do her harm. So I gave her away. I was fine on the way but when I was handing her over, all I could think of was how much I'd miss her and that I really did love her, and how badly I wanted someone to adopt her. I was terrified they would have to put her to sleep because no one would want her. I'm pro life, I don't agree with putting animals to sleep, just as I don't think people should have abortions.

My mind's all jumbled up right now so I'll have to stop. Comment if you like, I just had to get it out because I'm really sad right now.