What, me worry?

Monday, May 14, 2007

A tale...

This is a little tale inspired by the cup of snickerdoodle flavored coffee I just finished.

It's a true story, an event I was just thinking about. It's not funny really more dumb so here goes.

When I was a kid I had this friend that lived next door. Her name was Cathy.
We played together all the time. Well if her parents were home. (If her parents were not home she and her brother and sisters weren't allowed to leave the house.)

One day we decided to bake snickerdoodle cookies. I used to love those cookies. So we were in my kitchen and mixing up the dough but we couldn't get consistency right. So we took the whole bowl next door where Cathy's dad was home and he looked at it and asked how much butter we put in.
We for some reason had confused how many sticks makes a cup of butter. Duh, I'd say now! Anyway we added the butter and the cookies turned out fine.