What, me worry?

Thursday, June 30, 2005


We just got a newsletter from the building managers of my building saying starting in August there will be no smoking in this building. Until this was a smoking building. I'm happy because somebody down the hall smokes some really rank cigarettes that make me ill when I smell the smoke.

I was just thinking about this heat....I heard a radio DJ this morning say as bad as it is outside isn't it still better than 20 below zero? To which I think to myself, lets be honest here, I was in my car so I said out loud as if I was having a conversation with my radio, no I'd rather 20 below zero for the simple fact that at 20 below, I can put layer after layer of clothing on until I am warm....but if it's scorching hot, humidity high, generally miserable.....there are only so many articles of clothing I can take off in public before I get arrested...Personally I would rather live somewhere where it is always in the 50 to 75 degree range....that would be glorious.

20 below makes me think of smokers for some reason....I'm thinking, ok, it's 20 below, snowing, wind blowing like crazy, but you can't smoke inside pretty near anywhere anymore except at home, but here you have a habit that forces you to bundle up and stand in a blizzard for a fix....just doesn't sound too fun.....

Monday, June 27, 2005


I finally saw the movie Andrew LLoyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera. I have to admit that I wasn't looking forward to this film, what with Joel Schumacher involved. Especially with his ruining of the whole BATMAN movie franchise. Thank God they made him STOP!!! I was pleasantly suprised to find that it wasn't bad. I actually liked it. I thought that Gerard Butler did a fantastic job as the Phantom in his non-Michael Crawfordness. However I thought it was hilarious that Emmy Rossum didn't pronouce Raoul's name properly although otherwise her performance was great. My sisters and I think however that the part of Raoul could have been played by someone more attractive, we liked the Phantom better and were rooting for him. Even though we knew the story and that Christine could never end up with the Phantom, his actions were selfishly motivated. The best thing he did for her was let her go. That was his ultimate act of selflessness.

I love musicals (I know, I like a lot of weird stuff don't I?) I'm glad that they are making a comeback now. Maybe they'll make PIPPIN. Over my dead body!! (As if I have a say in the matter)

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Yesterday afternoon my boyfriend called me and said he had a suprise. It was passes to a sneak preview to the new George A. Romero Zombie movie, LAND OF THE DEAD. Of course like everyone else I've been waiting since DAY OF THE DEAD for Mr. Romero to make another zombie flick so naturally I drove like a bat out of hell to get there in time. To my utter horror, the theater was not packed? What's that all about? This film did not disappoint me in the least. It contained the classic Romero Zombies and incorporated the idea that he had built into everyone of his previous ventures into the zombie world, that the zombies can learn. Now, I don't want to give away anything, so I'm gonna stop there. I don't know how the public will receive this film because they seem to like the zombies running in the recent zombie movies it is following. Anyway, go see it when you can. It is great.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

At an end?

I promised myself that I would not post on the subject of Mr. Michael Jackson until the trial was through. Now it is so here goes.

First I must begin with, he was found "NOT GUILTY" on the ten counts against him. This does not however mean that he is innocent, it just means the evidence was not sufficient to find him guilty. There is no such verdict of Innocent in our court systemm, just guilty and not guilty. This does not mean he didn't do it.

I could speak on whether or not he did it, honestly I don't know, I have my theories though. Michael Jackson had a less than happy childhood (cue the violins), but I don't know anyone who would say their childhood was completly Ideal. So he decided to build a wonderful place for children to come and have a good time and be children. Sounds like a good plan so far. Then there were the sleepovers, where children, little boys, slept in Michael Jackson's bed, we know this, he told us this himself. He sees nothing wrong with this, it's just love he says.

"The Michael Jackson is a big fat liar theory." - Flashback to Michael Jackson as a sixteen year old boy, lying and saying he's younger, he'd be cuter if he was younger. He wasn't comfortable with the lie, and they told him it's ok to lie to protect his image. Ask him the question, did you molest any children? He'd lie right? He lied after that. They say his high pitched whiny voice isn't really his voice. He's also proven his deceitfulness with his dealings with his "friend" Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney confided in his supposed friend that he and his pals and Yoko got the money together finally to buy back the Beatles songs. These songs meant alot to Paul, a labor of love you might say, so Jackson goes behind his back and outbids Paul and his buddies. How sneaky, coniving and underhanded. He said it's just business. But I just call it low. I wouldn't do it that a friend no matter how much money it would make me. I guess if Michael loved any of his music as much as Paul did, he'd understand. The Beatles had great ideals delivered in a great music style, Michael Jackson has just had fun songs, but never the magnitude of the Beatles.

My other theory is that Michael Jackson does molest children but he doesn't call it that because he sees it as acts between to consenting people. Albeit that one was plied with alcohol at the time, but he said yes, he was drunkish. So this theory involves Michael Jackson being so crazy from his bad childhood that he doesn't know what he is doing. But if this is so, the dealings with Paul McCartney sound less and less like Michael Jackson's doing. I personally like "The Michael Jackson is a big fat liar theory" better.

Lastly "The Michael Jackson is a fine upstanding humanitarian who loves children and wouldn't hurt a fly and is horribly naive theory."- Well I think the name of the theory pretty much says it all except that the Mom of the accuser is a big fat money grubbing hoe. She said she isn't after the money, she can prove this by not filing a civil suit against Michael Jackson. Whether she does or not will tell us. People usually just file those because they want money, justice has nothing to do with it.

Well sound off and let us be done with it.

Monday, June 13, 2005


"joe said...
Would you please post something about all the different signs you see while driving down the road? Not just traffic signs...but storefront signs as well. I would find that utterly fascinating."

Signs, ehh? Well I do do requests.........I will have to think on this, while I drive to work this morning...

People in general rely greatly on signs. Be it signs to tell us when to stop, how fast to go, to whether or not we can smoke in any given area.

In order to get to one's destination, one has to know the building number and the street name to which they are going. If not all is lost. Or, if one is going to a business, one must know the name which should appear on the sign above the door. Like, TARGET, or SEARS, or insert the name of any destination you can think of.

Some signs can be completely ridiculous, like the signs on the back of my stove that say, DO NOT STAND ON OVEN DOOR AS STOVE WILL FALL OVER AND CRUSH YOU! I mean, someone had to have done that for that sign to be there, so there are warning signs as well as signs to help people to get to locations. I personally like the sign watch for ice on bridge, I assure you that every time I go over where this sign is, I watch for ice, spring, summer, fall, or winter, The sign says watch for ice, so I watch for it. Another sign I enjoy is watch out for falling rocks. Enough said on that one I think.

There are helpful signs in places like parks and museums. I was at a park once and didn't know what I was looking at until I saw the sign that told me it was a waterfall, how beautiful it was and overjoyed I was to know I was looking at a waterfall. Other signs in such places will tell us of thing that certain items in a museum for instance were used in the past, their age, where they used, sometimes even exactly who they belonged to. In the case of a park, some signs will tell us of certain events that may have or did occur on the site, such as Gettysburgh. I went there once, it's hard to believe that such a tranquil feild once held such a bloody horrifying battle long ago. Really not so long ago though, was it? I wouldn't have known it was Gettysburg without the sign.

In conclusion, signs are very important, they help us get to where we are going, warn us when we are in danger and alert us to when there is something pretty to see. Think about that next time you read a sign or you are annoyed the sign was there, just how important that signs are to us, without them, we wouldn't know where were going or where we had been.

Monday, June 06, 2005

taking life back

Ok, so step one:

Cancel utilities.

-This morning I did something very empowering, I cancelled my phone line. Now, I did this one, because 90% of the calls I get are from bill collectors and not for me. They are my sister's creditors, or her uber retarded boyfriend's (stress on boy) extra-uber retarded family.
Every now and then my Mommy will call or one of my sister's but not so often does that happen we aren't very phone centered.

-The other reason I did this is, I have been having trouble making my bills having the el retardo family not paying me much of anything. Not long ago my sister's boyfriend, I shall call him, Mr. Retardo, was in jail, for not paying child support, again. So of course while he was in jail, he had to talk to my sister every day. Couldn't go a single day without talking to her. The agreement was that they at least pay the collect charges on the phone, or else the phone line would be disconnected. I don't think they believed me. They paid the first one, then this months bill came, first one was $63 which somehow she paid, this one was $57, (amount is collect charges alone). First she says, I thought I paid you for those, so I had to explain to the simpleton that the phone bill runs from the 15th to the 15th, and he was still making calls for a week after the bill was paid. So finally when the bill for the second set of charges were coming due, She gives me $30!!!!!
So I say that the collect charges are for $57 and she says that she needs money for gas and some other stuff. I make some disappointed sound, and she says, and I quote "I can't give you my whole check!" So I say, good one, I was wondering what I would tell the phone company when I can't pay the bill, I think I'll tell all the utilities that. And she stormed off and she hasn't talked to me since and that was Friday afternoon.

-There are other examples of them charging things to my phone bill but That would make this post really lengthy. Lets just say, Mr. Retardo signed up for some service on the internet that answers the phone while you are on line which is totally retarded because I have cable internet! DUHHH!

Any way, I was at the end of my tether. I needed to take back some control. Not that I'm controlling (anymore?) I just want to live and let live, Silly me I think people should pay for what they use and not use what they can't pay for. I've been threatening to shut stuff off for a long time so now maybe they will believe that I will. After all everything is in my name. She couldn't give me anymore money because she was just looking out for her, That's all I'm doing, only I'm looking out for me.