What, me worry?

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I saw the movie "Shutter" and uh, well, I found myself several times thinking, dang it isn't it over yet?

It could have been good, I don't know if I believe in spirit pictures or not but it's possible, our world is too big to deal in absolutes.

Warning, possible spoilers to follow:

We begin this film with a newly married couple embarking on their honeymoon.
They travel to Japan and set off driving to their honeymoon getaway. On the drive
wifey is driving and hits or thinks she's hit a girl in the road. They swerve off the road nearly
into a tree. Ha ha, the honeymoon is over!

We find out the husband, Joshua Jackson, or Pacey as I always call him, is a photographer and wants to take honeymoon picture on the patio. Boring honeymoon stuff, pictures come out blurry. They leave their cabin because Pacey has to start his job. (It will become more and more obvious that I didn't bother to learn the characters names!) He is as I mentioned a photographer and to begin working on an ad campaign for some Japanese magazine? (I don't know. I thought it moved kind of slow and it didn't bother to explain it's self, I asked it repeatedly to do so, Bastige!) His employers set them up with a sweet apartment furnished with ultra rad furniture dude! Good thing they like modern furniture, I would have said, gee, this is nice, they said, "It's beautiful!" Oh, and it was in a building by themselves with a photo studio below, and a creepy empty apartment with the door wide open and a lone chair sitting in it. Hmmm, I wonder what that was there for.

Anyway, every picture they take has some kind of flaw, we find that they are spirit pictures. Husband, Pacey, has an assistant, we'll call her Hag for Hot Asian Girl because I don't remember her name (and I get some kind of sick pleasure because it's hilarious the first letters of that phrase spell hag!), knows a guy, her ex, who works for a magazine all about spirit photos. How convenient.

So apparently she and her husband are being haunted by a ghost that shows up in all, not just some of his pictures. After the car accident and the rest of the movie the husband is complaining of a pain in his neck, Subtle.

Wife looks at the pictures from a photo shoot in front of the office building of the company her husband is working for where the pictures were all flawed. She notices they seem to be pointing at a particular office. She goes into the building slips past reception and is able to get up to that floor and sneak into the office undetected, good security, although you could do that at my office building too though. She starts randomly taking pictures looking for the ghost finally catches it on film and is directed towards a group office picture with a young woman with a striking resemblance to the girl she thought she hit on her honeymoon.

She shows Pacey who admits he dated the girl but says she's not a ghost she's still alive. He thinks his new wife is nuts until he has his own experience and believes her. He comes clean to her about how something awful may have happened to her, not the whole truth. She convinces him to see a ghost expert up until this point I had my doubts about whether he did anything to her, but the ghost expert, all the build up, what a disappointment, he says something to Pacey in Japanese, what, we don't get to know. So obviously he did something bad to deserve a ghost haunting him.

Basically, I thought it was a good concept but I didn't have a lot of sympathy for the characters, except the ghost, I just wanted her to kill Pacey, and his creepy friends that I also didn't bother to mention because, they were boring too.

So, did I like the film? I wouldn't see it again, if that tells you anything.

I've got a lot of thoughts racing through my head and I thought I'd start sharing them here again.

I hate the blog at MySpace. I just like this better.

I'll post more on the movie later.

I also finally got around to watching "I Am Legend" I'll get around to that to soon.

I've been remiss with my movie review, I do have fun with them, really I do even when they suck.

Good night, more later.