What, me worry?

Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I did go to the zoo yesterday. I was sure that I wouldn't go because it was opening weekend for the new dolphin exhibit. I went anyway, with the family. It was pretty cool, and since everyone wanted to see the dolphin show all the other exhibits wer pretty easy to view. Some of them are pretty big draws and people will just stand there right in the way, but we moved through with ease. The dome itself was pretty packed but we walked through it and it was pretty nifty. I would say, if you come to Indy, check out the Zoo. It's really a lot better than it used to be.

Looks like my girl Ms. Patrick couldn't pull out a win in the Indy 500 on Sunday. Not to worry, she came in really close. She was a rookie, and though rookies have won in the past it would have been awesome if she had won because, she'd be the first woman to win, and the first woman rookie to win, EVER. Oh well, she'll be back and next time she'll have more experience. She has proven her awesomeness.

I never made it to the cemetary yesterday. It's just as well. I wanted a little more time, I'm going for certain this weekend. I'd go now but it closes at 6pm.

Monday, May 30, 2005


I'm trying to decide if I want to go to the cemetary today. I hate going by myself, but I'm all alone here, tammy has to work, and all that. My parents go together. I think anyway. It's just this thing I do, and I really put it off at Christmas, I'm such a shit. But why you might ask would this be a deal? Well, my sister's birthday is this week. There are 8 of us in all, but one didn;t make it past 5 as I'm sure I've mentioned before. We happen to come up to her birthday this week. I have to work all day tomorrow or I would go. She'd be turning 17. My how time flies. I try not to think about it too much. I can't exactly recount all the details just out of the blue, but here is what I wrote after she died, the first "poem" I wrote about the event:

Happy Father's Day
Early in the morning
I have yet to rise
I hear car doors open and close
There are voices outside
People walking very fast
Judith comes running into her room
She climbs into her bed
Proceeds to cry.
I ask her what is wrong
She says I will find out when I get up
I am very confused
I decide to get up
I open the door to the hallway
It sits next to the front door
The front door opens and people enter
Firemen carrying a stretcher
They carry it onto the patio
I watch and see what Judith is crying about
Our sister's lifless body as they try to revive her
Her limp body being lifted onto the stretcher
They carry her away
Happy Father's Day.

It is Father's Day
They are taking her body away in an ambulence
My mother goes along
Dad is staying with us
He tells us as we rise
Where were we when she took her fatal swim
The extra sellp was not worth it
It is too late to worry about that
We all sit and wait
A policeman takes a statement from Dad
They look at all the conditions
They look to place blame
It is not our fault she could unlock doors
It is not our fault she rose early
(or was it?)
The phone soon rings
I pick it up
Mom says, "She's gone"
Dad picks up the other phone
As if he hopes there is still a chance
He needs to hear again because he can't believe
Realization sets in
He sobs
It is the most awful sound I have ever heard.

I call some friends
They do not believe me until they see the news
How can I joke about that
The funeral is Tuesday night
We have to go see the body first
Privately we say good-bye
She looks like a doll
She feels like a doll
A beautiful doll in a liitle white box
I can't believe they make them that small
All I can do now is wonder why
Even my brothers cry
Father Michael comes to pray with us
He brought holy water and sprinkles her
He gives her her final shower
Together we are a family
It seems for the very last time because she's not alive
We are at the funeral now
The church is packed
There is not a dry eye in the church
Everyone keeps telling me that everything will be alright
How can they know
They are all stupid
They just want to make me smile
Don't they know she was the only light in my life?
It has not been a Happy Father's Day

Ok, so there it is. And I'm crying now. Because no matter how many days you can go and be fine, when you really stop to think about it, she's really gone and always will be and it's not ok but you can get through. I can.

That's all for now.

Saturday, May 28, 2005


I missed putting up my CARB DAY post. WHOOPS!
Ok, so yesterday was Carb Day, and that has nothing to do with ATKINS. Unless you are talking about the excess amount of carbs in all of the beer and other alcoholic beverages consumed at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway yesterday.
Anyway this is what I'm talking about when I say the craziness of race month.
Target is doing this stunt with a race car. On the side of one of the buildings downtown they have placed a race car. Yes, dangling from the top of the building on the west side of the building on the northeast corner of Pennsylvania and Ohio, is an actual race car. 3 times a day 3 stuntmen run down the building to the car, one climbs in the car while the other two do a pretend pitt stop on the car. Then the 2 outside of the car run the rest of the way down the building and the 3rd gets out of the car and does the same. It's true, I went out at lunch and saw it Thursday. It's so crazy!
Meanwhile preparations for the Parade were going on all around, curbs being painted, bleachers being assembled on the sidewalks. All the while a Memorial Day Ceremony was going on on Monument Circle keeping the cars out yesterday. Which is great people love to have lunch on the Circle but the cars are a nuisance. (I've never understood why anyone would want to drive around it. One time a friend of mine and I were downtown to see the Christmas lights and got stuck in the middle of the Circle because some people have nothing better to do on a Saturday night than drive around the Circle over and over again, this is an actual past time. We watched them for quite some time, seeing the same people drive around and around. Luckily she used to drive a horse and carriage downtown, so she knew one of the drivers that used her carriage to help us cross the street blocking traffic. Those things have the right of way, who would try and run over a horse? Monsters!) Anyway, all the activity brought many more people to Qudoba than usual so our plan to have lunch there was tharted, so we went to Panda Express who oddly didn't have many customers at all and it was noon awesome, probably people were off yesterday and the people on the circle didn't know it was there. It was cool to see all the dudes in their uniforms on the Circle though. And the jets flying over head, so you can't hear yourself think. Weird.

Anyway, I'm staying away from downtown like I said though. Even though I got my car back from Goodyear yesterday and do have a car for the weekend. Yeah! I have a complaint on that front but I'll save that for another time, maybe later.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005


-So, I watched "Last House on the Left." This movie has been on my to watch someday list for quite some time but I've just never bothered until now. So I obtained a copy and sat down to watch it with my older sister. All we can say is, "GAH?"
It seems to be a highly confused movie. It don't know if it is a horror movie or a comedy. The music tends to say that it is a comedy, but the things that happen aren't funny. It's almost as though Wes Craven is making light of a terrifying situation that could actually happen. I knew what the movie was about when I got it. I hadn't actually seen it before though. By far it is not Wes Craven's best work.

-One of my little sister's graduated from high school on Sunday, HOORAY for her.

- Race month is in full swing. Preparations for the 500 Festival Parade are in full swing. They are currently assembling the bleachers on the sidewalks for those who wish to pay for seats. Needless to say downtown is not where I will be this weekend because of the parade it will be insane, I hate crowds.

-The other thing to create more mayhem downtown this weekend is that The Indianapolis Zoo is re-opening the dolphin pavilion. They re-built the exhibit adding an underwater dolphin dome and the Marsh Dolphin Theater. If you are curious you can view pictures and read about it here: (just cut and paste, try it, you'll like it)


This exhibit opens Saturday, the parade is Saturday, and the Zoo is just on the west end of downtown. So crazy amount of people downtown this weekend, I will be planning on staying away.

I guess that's enough stuff for now.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005


This has been on my mind a lot lately because I see it so much where I live. I can't understand why an intelligent young woman would date a giant loser. By loser, I mean someone who blames all his problems on everyone and everything around him. Generally all around will not handle his own business(pay bills and such, child support) unless forced, even if it means getting locked up in jail. Self-centered and rude. Basically, just plain sucks, literally and figuratively.

This has gotten me kind of reflective on my own life causing me to look back on all my friendships both boyfriends and friends in general. I can't think of any that would fall under this category. I would never date or even associate with someone that couldn't handle their business unless I had to because my sister or brother was dating/married to them. Luckily my brother, who is married, did not marry a loser, she's focused and knows what she wants, which is fabulous for him because he is the same way. My other brother has never brought home a loser either. My older sister, now that's another story.

Her boyfriend now is a real jerk. Did he fill out his own job applications? No, he did not. She did it for him. Did he go out and actively search for a job? No, he only went because my sister took him. Kind of makes it look like he's only even gotten a job because she made him. Otherwise he'd be happy to just sit around on his butt and do nothing. Not to mention the fact that they have a new born baby. I have heard him on numerous occasions yell at my nephew to shut up. On one occasion when my sister was at work the baby started crying at 6:30pm and did not stop crying until my sister returned home at 10:00pm. He never came down to the kitchen to get a bottle, I never heard a sound out of that room except the crying. Just recently Tammy_Tyree was here at my house while my sister and I were at work and he was watching the baby upstairs. She told me that she was here for more than 5 hours and the baby cried the whole time. He repeatedly yelled at the baby to shut up, and he yelled shut the fuck up. Eventually he turned up the TV so loud that she could hear it perfectly clearly. At one point she said that he came downstairs for a bottle and when he got back up there she heard him yell at the baby, TAKE IT. TAKE THE DAMN BOTTLE. Ironically I heard him say a couple weeks ago when his other two children were over, he had to chase away a neighbor kid because he didn't want people cursing around his children.

Don't even get me started on his drinking. Now don't get me wrong, I like to have a drink every now and then. Tammy_Tyree and I have thrown back a few together. But I don't get people just sitting around alone drinking, Or people that have to drink every day. Wouldn't that make a person an alcoholic? If they drink all the time, alone or not, hiding alcohol and such around. Tammy_Tyree just turned 21 last month so my boyfriend bought her a bottle of Sky Vodka. She put it in my freezer, unopened. We were going to have a couple of cocktails one night, and the bottle was gone. I knew it was there the day before. Who drinks an entire bottle of vodka in one night? Just one person, not a party of people. It was the loser and my sister covered for him. Truth be told I would have went off on her. He isn't supposed to be drinking, I'm scared of what my happen if he is drinking, he's an angry drunk with a criminal record. Now all it is , is drunk driving, but he has gotten belligerent before, bar fights and criminal mischief. This house belongs to my parents, my Dad said he didn't want him drinking. If he did, he'd be on the street.

I just don't get it, I've reflected on my upbringing, we have the same parents, we should have learned the same values, but I guess we each interpreted it differently.
But looking back on my boyfriends once again, not a single one is or was a loser at any time. Some of them might not have treated me the way I thought I deserved to be treated but I repaid that in kind. I don't hold anything against them, and I feel justified in dating everyone of them, because all of them are worthwhile, intelligent people.

I was hoping maybe someone could explain, I don't get it.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005


~A really good cup of coffee.

~A sunny day that isn't hot and humid.

~Watching rain fall.

~Driving fast.

~Watching a cheesy movie with Tammy-Tyree and making fun of it ala MST3K.

~Being alone without people hovering about.


~The awe of the Badlands. It's so amazing to see what the wind did to the plains. What nature can do.

~Oreo cookies.

~Getting phone calls from people that want nothing more from me than to talk.

~The wind on my face.

~The smell of freshly baked bread.

~A Chai Latte.



~Barbie dolls.

~Other dolls.

~The smell of freshly washed and dried clothes.

~The Cure

~Johnny Depp

~A good Brad Pitt movie (I know these are very few and far between)

~Mail that isn't a bill.

~A smile from a stranger on the street.

~Chocolate chip cookies

~Kit-Kat bars

~Sitting down to read a book with a fresh pot of coffee on hand knowing that I have
all the time in the world. Even if all I have is a day.

~Starting a new book

~Finishing a book

Once again these are just a few, I can add more later.

Saturday, May 14, 2005


My sister, to you Tammy_Tyree, found her Pillow Book. Which is basically a book of lists telling her likes and dislikes. So I'm putting mine on here. In no particular order of course.


~People that by-pass the revolving door for the door next to it which is usually clearly marked with something like "Please use revolving door." It's a stupid thing to be irritated by, but they put those in there for climate control purposes, duh!

~People that don't signal before they switch lanes/turn. I mean is it that hard, these are not optional upgrades to your car, your supposed to do this to tell other people what your doing. I know somebody who never signals because he doesn't want people to know what he's doing, he's a hazard and should be stopped.

~People who think that just because their signal is on they can get into your lane in front of you. I don't have to let you in just because your signal is on.


~People that honk their horns. I can see you my eyesight is very good and nine times out of ten I don't know why you are honking or if you are honking at me.

~People that go slower than the speed limit (especially after signalling and bullying their way in front of me)

~Wet feet after walking in the rain - enough said.

~People that don't flush the toilet.

~People that don't wash their hands after going to the restroom. #1 or #2 you still should it's just gross not too. I see a huge number of adult women on a daily basis who do not wash their hands after using the restroom in public facilities. Even worse, I see them come out of the stall adjust their clothes, primp their hair and touch their faces, not wash their hands and leave the room. Eww!

~OLD NAVY/GAPP commercials

~Vanilla, especially the scent. The scent of vanilla can make me physically ill.

~Smoking. We aren't chimneys we aren't meant to smoke. If you want to kill yourself, that's fine with me, but I hate coming out of a building and walking into a smoke cloud. I guess it's just when the smoking is right their and I have to go through it because there is no way around it.

~People that try to talk to me when I'm reading.

~Losing my place when I'm reading and then reading the same page over and over because I keep losing my place because someone tried to talk to me when I was reading.

Oh yeah, did I mention this?-

I've probably missed a few I can just post them later. Let me know what bugs you....Probably this post....

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Stuff & Things

Gosh, I didn't think that revealing that I enjoy some of so called "reality t.v." would get me ripped on so badly. I still think it is a mis-nomer, but I'm tired of this argument. This isn't all I watch.
Haven't exactly tackled my television watching schedule on here yet. Mostly because there is too much to list.

Basically if I am home my television is on. I get home from work and I turn on my television at 5pm Indiana time, then I watch American Justice or City Confidential, depending on what day it is and which is on. Then after that sometimes it is another American Justice or maybe Cold Case files, again driven by what day it is and which is on. I don't however watch shows such as, Law and Order whatever the ending of the show name might be, who knows it seems there are a million of them, or CSI same as Law and Order, or Cold Case. This is because if I am going to watch shows like this, I would prefer to hear about actual cases, I'm fascinated with true crime rather than the fictional. Maybe it's because in my job I am so close in proximity to legal proceedings I don't know. So really don't watch to many dramatic cop or lawyer shows they all seem to be the same to me. The exception to this is The Shield. It's very well written and totally different than these other cop shows, it kind of reminds me of the show Homicide because it's kind of gritty and edgy. In this show you have bad cops and violence more true to what you might see rather than the candy coated law enforcement on other shows.

I don't usually watch sitcoms at all anymore, in sindication or not. Nothing against sitcoms, there just aren't many good ones out there. I chalk it up to no good ideas/writing. Exceptions to this are Arrested Development (this show is frickin' hilarious), Malcom in the Middle is sometimes alright, I used to watch That 70's Show but now I think it's gasping for air, The Simpson's is still a good one some would say it has lost steam but I still like it, Hooray for Family Guy being back on the air, and who knows about American Dad. Now some people might say the last ones are Cartoons and therefore not sitcoms, but to them I say So What....

I watch Survivor, I stopped for a couple seasons, then I liked Rupert on Pearl Island, so then I watched Survivor Allstars and was hooked back in again.

I never watched Amazing Race until this past season, because I'm a big fan of Rob and Amber from Survivor. I don't know if I'll watch it again, probably not.

I watch Apprentice, but my enjoyment of this show becomes less and less with each season because they seem to be casting bigger and bigger boneheads. It almost looks as if some of these people are ringers. So who knows.

I don't really watch American Idol, I just tune in to see who is still on and then tune out.

Pretty much my schedule is,
Tuesday-Gilmore Girls(witty), Amazing Race(now something else)
Wednesday-Lost, Who knows(Not Smallville)
Thursday-This is a tricky day because so much is on I watch this night-
Survivor/The OC, The Apprentice/Tru Calling. This just means I have my VCR taping one show while I watch the other. However I don't have to tape Tru Calling anymore because I think it's being cancelled, what a pity. To bad shows like this get no interest and yet people can't get enough of The Simple Life, however I can't help but laugh at the name, seeing as the simple thing seems to be their brains.
Friday I usually try to go out and not watch a lot of t.v.

Anyway, as you can see my tv schedule is too full. But there it is....

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

And the winner is....

Ok, the Amazing Race is over!!!!!!!!!! And like a jerk, I could sit here and say who won, but I won't, ok it was those one two people that were in it. Yeah! Now I can focus all my energy on Survivor.....I watch too much t.v. but what other thing is there for me to do with my time that doesn't require too reading? Not that I can't read or anything, just that after a long day at work, it's just not what I want to do.

About reality t.v. though, is anyone else tired of it... I mean Ashton has his Punk'd show, and now he's gonna have some Beauty and the Geek show? What's up with that? And Tommy Hilfiger is gonna have an Apprentice rip off show where he finds a new employee... It's good to rip off stuff that's faltering, I mean RE-he-heely.....

Monday, May 09, 2005


I tried to watch "Sideways" last night. I just couldn't get through it. I kept falling asleep. So my sister, whom I was semi-watching it with, got pissed off and left. Another sister was also here and happy because, I got the first season of "Degrassi Jr. High" last week and she had never seen it before, and was trying to watch it when we decided to watch the movie. I sort of hooked her on Degrassi myself. I got her to watch exactly the right episode and she loved it and wanted to see the rest.
When I was in Jr. high, this was my favorite show. I've been waiting forever for them to release it here on dvd. Finally it's available. I didn't really remember any specific episodes until I put it in and it was like returning to my old friends, it is still enjoyable to me. Yeah!!!

Friday, May 06, 2005

Another stupid quiz

Which Rock Chick Are You?

Awesome, I always knew she stole my life!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

This was in my e-mail...

I cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg.
The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at
Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer inwaht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are,
the >olny
iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit
The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a
porbelm. Tihs
is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but
the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas thought slpeling was


Ok, so nobody's posting on my blog, so nobody's reading it or nobody has any comments. Well, I don't care, so there. It would be nice to have readers that comment but since I don't, I'll just assume I have bunches of readers that always totally agree with me and have nothing to add. Ha, Ha!!

Anyway, yesterday I had a most welcome ego boost. I was walking from one place to another or rather to my car from the government center.
I park on one end of downtown, my office is on the other, it's this big triangle thing that's kind of neat, but I digress. I was walking past the Indiana State House,
and this guy was walking up the path towards me and says, "Hey beautiful, want to buy me a ticket to California?"
And I know what you are thinking but he really was talking to me, I swear. I just smiled and kept walking,
and He says, "You really are beautiful, want to marry me?" So I said, "No, but thank you very much."
So he says, "Are you married?"
and I say, "No, but I'm not looking either." And we go about our ways.
It was pretty nice, a girl need that sometimes, to be told she is beautiful. It would have been nicer if he wasn't a fat old man in his 50's but it was nice anyway. It's never the cute young guys that say I'm beautiful. Kind of makes you think.....
It's not that my boyfriend doesn't think that I am, it's that he doesn't say things like that, which drives me crazy even though I know that's just the way he is. He doesn't say I love you everytime we get off the phone, or part. Just when it's really important to say it. And that's ok with me. You just don't realize sometimes, it's nice to hear.

Anyway, just thought I'd share.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005


More on RENT
Okay, so I'm a freak and I'm excited about this movie, so go check this out:
If you are interested. If you aren't don't go. I don't care, go don't go, I won't ever know.


Have you even thought about it?
What you would do?
You know, if they asked you who,
What you are?
Would you tell them a big lie.
You know that you can't.
They'll find out the truth.
The truth that behind every word,
There is nothing.
A great big hole.
What if they found out
What would you do?
Would you say everything
Everything that was you
Just fell out?
Still trying, to lie?
Better for you just to hide.
I'll keep your secret,
Maybe you'll want to be.

grilled cheese

grilled cheese
that's my brain
tears run down my face
i turn over
it runs all over the place
please answer the door
i hear pounding
i know someone's there
i got to the door
no one there because
no one cares
and all alone
there's too much time
and oh so little to do
but just lay there
i see myself laying there
and laying there
and soon...
i don't move anymore
i got too big
In reviewing my posts from last night I realize I appear to be a cough syrup drunk. I'm not though, I hadn't had any last night. I tucked it away safely in my desk drawer at work.
However, what a diabolical plan to get drunk at work. I have to take the cough syrup because I'm sick, ok so it's my second bottle today, I'm really sick. Yes I know, I am slurring pretty badly. Damn, didn't read the label, it's non-alcoholic, non-narcotic cough syrup. I have found the chink in my plan, guess I'll have to use the old high school trick of smuggling in vodka in Aquafina bottles.
Or, not drink at work, that could work too.
That's just no fun...But I already have to explain all these damn porn sites that just keep popping up on my co-workers computer. I could be on my own computer but his is faster and it has a printer. The printer 1 is not loaded onto my computer and 2 not networked to my computer. Our computers are not networked at all anymore. Not since he broke his old computer, sent it to our home office, and stole my computer, leaving me with only my laptop. So the computer I'm on now used to be my computer but now it's his computer. The computer I have now is the computer that used to be his. But all that is left of that computer is the shell, it has a new hard drive and is on xp and it sucks cause it is slower than this one which is on windows 98. Which I like better than xp anyway. But anyway, you one little web search on something totally un-porn related and there are oodles and oodles of pop-ups for porn sites. Not that I hate porn or anything, it's just not something that you want popping up on your co-workers computer who isn't actually your co-worker but technically your boss, and also your boyfriend.
I lost the point to this blog, um I think it got bored and ran away while I blithered on about nothing. More later...

Monday, May 02, 2005

The Cold is taking over....

I had something dreadfully important to post, but I can't remember what the fuck it was. I need to take my medicine I guess, clear my head, crawl in to bed fall asleep watching 24 and hopefully dream of Jack Bauer, ah, Jack...... (I love 24!)
Shit, it's on!!!

Crazy Race Month is Here!

Ok, it is crazy race month! (There never seems to be enough time.......)
So anyway, I'll admit it, I've never been to the crazy race, most commonly known as the Indianapolis 500. Most people I know, that live here, have never gone more than once. I only know a couple people that go every year. I just don't see the point, I could sit by I-465 (the interstate that is a giant loop around the beautiful city of Indianapolis kind of like a giant race track) and watch for free, or pay to see the people do the same thing. The difference is I guess a race has a point other than to get from one point to another point. That's a lot of points.
I was walking from one point to another point and saw that they had one of those funny race car sculptures out again this year, please oh please, I hope they put out more. They really are kind of cool. Perhaps one of these days I'll take out my digital camera and take a picture of some of these things that I say are so cool on here and never try to prove it.
The craziness of this ginormous race is here folks. I guess I'll have to just try to stay away from Speedway (shudders) wait, what am I talking about, I never go there, almost. I'd rather go to Plainfield and that's worse.....

What the.....?

Lately listening to the radio I've realized, the golden oldies radio station is no more. No more Gold 104.5. It's so sad, used to be whenever I'd feel down driving along in your car, I'd turn it over there and there would be some fun song on there to sing along to. Now no more. Now it is called Jack FM. What a stupid name! But to my suprise, it seems to have no format now. They just play anything and everything, and that's great! I could listen to it all day, no more repeating songs!!!
The other station change is, 97.1 this used to Ligt Rock 97 but then they changed into something else, I guess it was supposed to be contemporary pop crap music, but mostly whenever I'd turn it there, there would be lots of talking and no tunes. Now it is a country station, Yuck, not that I hate country, I'd just not rather hear it. Needless to say, 97.1 is no longer a preset on my car stereo but 104.5 is.


Ok, it's just killing poor Nixonreed, not knowing where my name came from.
It's so simple really, most likely disappointing too after all of the suspense.
It is the shortened down title of a CD by Liz Phair.
Whitechocolatespaceegg [PA] - CD
Liz Phair
CD Release Date: 8/11/1998
Parental Advisory Yes
Original Release Date: 1998
Label: Capitol/EMI Records
Recording Type: Studio/Stereo/n/a

I am a fan of Liz Phair's, Whitechocolatespaceegg happens to be my favorite of her albums although I do like them all. If you've never heard of her, I'm not supprised, she's never been real big in the main stream.

Here is an article I found on her:

"~Growing out of the American underground of the late '80s, Liz Phair fused lo-fi indie rock production techniques and styles with the sensibility and structure of classic singer/songwriters. Exile in Guyville, Phair's debut album, was enthusiastically praised upon its 1993 release and spawned a rash of imitators, particularly American female singer/songwriters, over the following years. For her part, Phair wasn't able to break into the mainstream, even with the support of the press and MTV. Whip-Smart, her second album, was heavily promoted upon its 1994 release, yet despite its relatively strong chart positions, it was viewed as a disappointment and Phair's momentum declined steadily during the mid-'90s, as she took several years to record her third album.

Phair (born April 17, 1967) was born in New Haven, CT, and adopted by wealthy parents, who raised her in the Chicago suburb Winnetka. After high school, she studied art at Oberlin College in Ohio. At Oberlin, she became fascinated with underground indie rock and eventually became friends with guitarist Chris Brokaw, who later joined Come. Following their college graduation, Phair and Brokaw moved to San Francisco, where she tried to become an artist.

Eventually, Brokaw moved out east and Phair moved back to Chicago, where she began writing songs. Soon, she began releasing homemade tapes of these songs under the name Girlysound. While she supported herself by selling her charcoal drawings on the streets of Wicker Park, she was becoming involved in various portions of the Chicago alternative music scene; in particular, she became friends with Urge Overkill, a drummer named Brad Wood, and John Henderson, the head of the Chicago-based indie label Feel Good All Over. Henderson and Phair tried to re-record some of the Girlysound tapes with Wood, yet the pair had a falling out during the sessions, leaving Wood as Phair's only collaborator. Brokaw, who had by then joined Come, was still receiving Girlysound tapes and he gave a copy to Gerard Cosley, the head of Come's record label, Matador. By the summer of 1992, Matador had signed Phair and she began recording her debut album in earnest.

Adapting its title from an Urge Overkill song, Exile in Guyville, her debut album, was released to strong reviews in the summer of 1993. Many articles focused on Phair's claim that the double album was structured as a response to the Rolling Stones' classic Exile on Main St. Over the course of the year, the record slowly built a dedicated following in America, both among critics and alternative rock fans. At the end of the year, it topped many Best of the Year critics polls, including The Village Voice and Spin. With all the attention focused on Phair, many indie rock figures -- particularly members of the Chicago noise rock scene such as Steve Albini -- were developing a resentment toward her and launching an attack at the singer and the heavy media attention Exile in Guyville received. The criticism couldn't halt the progress of Phair and Exile, and in early 1994 she launched her first tour, which was plagued by her stage fright. Around the same time, MTV began airing "Never Said" and, as a result of all the hype, the album briefly appeared in the charts in February. By the spring of 1994 it had sold over 200,000 copies -- a remarkable number for an independent release.

By that time, Phair had begun work on her follow-up record. Matador had signed a distribution deal with Atlantic Records in 1994, and her second album was going to be one of the first to be heavily promoted by the alliance. Indeed, Whip-Smart was released to a whirlwind of media attention -- including Phair, dressed only in negligee, on the cover of Rolling Stone -- and debuted at number 27 upon its fall 1994 release. "Supernova," the first single from the album, received heavy airplay on MTV and alternative rock radio, becoming a Top Ten modern rock hit. However, Whip-Smart received mediocre reviews and never developed into the hit that it was expected to be. Phair didn't tour to support the album and was slow to deliver a second single. By the time the title track was released as a single in the spring of 1995, the album had disappeared from the charts.

Phair quietly retreated from the spotlight during 1995, marrying Jim Staskausas, a Chicago-based film editor who had previously worked on Phair's videos. Later in the summer of 1995, she released the Juvenilia EP, which was essentially the "Jealousy" single amplified with the first official release of Girlysound material. During the summer of 1996, she released "Rocket Boy," a single pulled from the Stealing Beauty soundtrack that received little attention. For much of 1996, Phair worked on her third album with producer Scott Litt, yet by the fall, she decided to scrap the sessions, unsatisfied with their sound. Toward the end of 1996, Staskausas and Phair announced she was several months pregnant. On December 21, 1996, Phair gave birth to her first child, James Nicholas Staskausas. Her long-delayed, much-anticipated third LP, whitechocolatespaceegg, finally appeared in mid-1998. Five years later, Phair returned with a self-titled effort. Liz Phair, which appeared in June 2003, found singer/songwriter Michael Penn and the Matrix in the production seat as well as Phair herself. Jimmy Chamberlin, Wendy Melvoin, and Pete Yorn also contributed to Phair's newly slick sound." ~ Stephen Thomas Erlewine, All Music Guide ~

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