What, me worry?

Friday, April 29, 2005


News from Indianapolis,
Late last night they finally passed the whole daylight savings time bill.
So this time next year, who knows what time it will be.
There will be conferences with the Federal Government to decide what time zone we will be in. Which we will probably end up in the New York time zone which is exactly what we did not want. I'm sure this is the reason that so many of our representatives were against this. This is a Mid-Western state, why should be on Eastern time? That's how I feel about it.
Personally, I've never quite understand daylight-savings time. Probably because, I've never lived somewhere where they changed the time. It's probably just as hard for me to understand why we do it, as for people to understand why Indiana doesn't want to. In any case, it's still not a final thing until it actually happens. Maybe the Federal Government will tell us we have to be eastern if we want to be daylight-savings time, and maybe it will then be dropped.

The other news type item is we no longer have the Brickyard 400. It will now be called, the Allstate 400 at the Brickyard, as a result of a multimillion-dollar sponsorship agreement announced Thursday at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It's yet another bastardization of a public sporting event. I'm not suprised really, sponserships are a big part of these races. It's kind of awkward to say. I guess as long as they don't change the name of the INDY 500 I'm happy, it's been called that for about 75 years now.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


The air out here is so cold and damp,
Then I see you, and you hold me close.
You make me feel warm and safe as you hold me
You comfort me as I cry.

I didn't want to, it just happens.
When everything is too much, and everything
Falls down, the weight is too heavy.
I'm on my knees and you lift me up.

It happens less and less now.
You show me things that I didn't know.
That I am better than I think.
That I can do things, I hadn't imagined.

The hurting that happened before,
Can heal when I believe that it can.
The things I didn't think were possible,
Are, with you...


I have to just say the reason I posted, The China Doll, is that a friend of mine and I were talking about kids, and things people do to kids, and somehow my sister came up and I was a little bummed about it and this is the most uplifting poem I have ever written about the whole thing. I wasn't trying to be a downer or anything. It probably doesn't even matter anyway....

Monday, April 25, 2005

Good Evening

I don't have much time, I'm watching the sister's baby tonight. (While she visits the daddy in the big house) I think he's waking up now, so he'll be crying soon, of course, that's what baby's do.
I went to the flea market over the weekend. Let me introduce you to my little addiction, I have this obsession with Barbie dolls. I think it is mostly because, (Que the violins) When I was growing up my family was poor, I didn't get Barbie dolls very often. Wah Wah, get over it, I sure am. But now that I'm all growed up I can buy as many as I want, money permitting of course. I know, they are highly controversial, blah blah, give little girls bad self image, blah blah.. Whatever, I've never been a big feminist or anything like that. I just think they are pretty and they are a perfectly respectable thing to collect.
So at the flea market, Even though, I had at least five dolls in hand at several times during my visit, I didn't buy a single one. Yeah me. I've pretty much decided to stay with the ones now, because I'm running out of space. Oh and the last several times that I have gone to Target, I haven't bought any there. I'm very proud of myself. I just might be cured, probably not though.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

The China Doll

I was afraid to touch it;
I was afraid that it might
I was afraid to hold it;
It was so tiny; my hand
might shake.
I was afraid to pick it up;
It was so fragile and so
It reminded me of a baby;
It had no self-defense
at all.

I guess it could be said that
in a way we are all like
China Dolls.
We are afraid to embrace or
comfort; afraid that we might
Some will not stick their necks
out because once they were
If a chance is never taken,
How then can love ever


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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Reggie Miller

Ahhh, I miss him already. I would call him the face of the Indiana Pacers, partially because he is the only one I would know by sight, and partly because he is the first thing I think of when I hear of basketball. He's played 18 fabulous years. He is totally awesome and will truly be missed. We Love Reggie here! He will be missed as a player and I wish him great luck in his retirement. And may we all get our own Bentleys when we retire.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


You know what I like about going to do business in our City-County Building?
No matter how bad you might think you look, there is someone who looks worse than you. I don't care if it is the worst fat day you have ever had in your life. All women have them and some men too, fat days, days when you feel like a giant whale. So I was walking down the hall today, having one of those days myself, and I saw this woman who had this tremendous gut, she of course was wearing one of those track suits which would have been cute if she wasn't shaped the way she was. The top was too short because her mid section was too big. And her pants were not pulled up high enough. It was just gross, and I was happy. It sounds mean, I know, but there it is.

Ok, got 'Bridget Jones: Edge of Reason' of course it is fabulous, I saw it twice on opening day, for my birthday because that's when it came out in theaters. Now I have the DVD. And to my utter joy, there is an extra on the DVD where Bridget does the interview with Colin Firth like in the book, it is updated to be more relevant to modern times. It was one of my favorite parts in the book, but I didn't expect to ever see it on screen because Colin Firth was Mark Darcy in the movie, and who in the world could play Colin Firth except Colin Firth and how wierd would that be. If you have not read these books, and are a man, don't bother, they aren't for you, you won't be able to relate, if you are a girl and like humorous, romantical books, they are an easy read, intelligent, I read them each over a weekend, I couldn't put them down. Better than the movies, though the movies are quite good. Could not have cast better people for these parts.

Wednesday, April 13, 2005


In my little walks around downtown it has come to my attention that there is an art exhibit going on right now that spans pretty much all of downtown. If you live in Indy, you have probably noticed these whimsical little sculptures. I was trying to get to the City-County Building one day and I was held up because a truck with large objects wrapped in plastic was blocking the road. I saw it pull up to the city market and I then noticed the giant crane. The next day I saw these delightful little sculptures in various places in my mini travels. The work is courtesy of artist Tom Otterness, And they will be displayed til the end of July. Many of them were formerly displayed in New York City.
This is the first Indianapolis exhibit for Otterness, a Wichita, Kan., native whose work also includes gates at Cleveland's public library, a museum exhibit in the Netherlands and the facade of the Los Angeles Federal Building.
If you are in Indy and would like to see them, or you are coming to Indy, I don't know for big crazy race month or something, here is a link to a map of where they are located:
Also, if you are just curious and want to see what they look like, there are also pictures on that map.
I think they come at a good time. Crazy Race Month is nearly upon us, most people just call it May though. With people coming for the race, some of them might like to see the sights, and will be pleasantly surprised to see these sculptures.

Monday, April 11, 2005


It is the birthday today of one of my sisters.
More importantly it is her 21st. You know what that means! I never have to buy her
alcohol again. Um not that I would ever give alcohol to anyone one that's not legally
of age........(Uh, yeah I would!)
Anyway, she might stop by here so I thought I'd put this here so she'd feel special!
So Happy Birthday Sis!!!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2005


Ahhh, poor nixonreed.
I have to admit that I'm a bit disappointed myself. To give up so easily.
I have to take it as an indication that I was totally on to her, or her computer exploded from posting on too many people's blogs and now she's dead, or her hands got all burned up in a freak baking accident and she can't type and is sitting at her computer wishing she could get on and post, or maybe someone else whose blog she was posting on found her first and took out a hit on her, or.................. it's probably the first one, I could go on and on.
It was getting pretty lame and boring the contradictions, in practically every post.
Anyway, I got stuff to do.
"I'm in a big bike race!"

Saturday, April 09, 2005


A breath of fresh air.
I got some time to myself. None of my sisters are here! I'm totally alone. Yeah!
I like being alone sometimes. I guess everyone does.
The weird thing is they have giant snake movies on all day on Sci-Fi and I have no interest in them. Shocked and amazed am I, I even turned of the t.v. Of course the fact that I've seen all of them a number of times has nothing to do with it. Um of course it does.

So here I am blowing some time on the internet. I could be doing something worthwhile like reading, hmmmm reading. I guess maybe I could. My head kind of hurts
which makes it difficult to read so I was doing some research.
I found some interesting things out, well I hope for them to come true. There is a rumor that there could possibly maybe be a movie based on 'Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street' the Steven Soundheim Broadway Musical. That would be cool. The trouble would be the proper casting for this film. I hear Hugh Jackman is interested in a part. Huh? He's a little young to be Sweeney Todd if you ask me, so if this is the part he wants, I have to say, Gah?. I'm sorry, George Hearn will always be Sweeney Todd for me. Angela Lansbury is now too old to be Mrs. Lovett. I think Patti Lupone is the best choice for this part, She's done it, familiar with the material is a very good thing. It's a hard musical. I've seen Neil Patrick Harris as Tobias, he was suprisingly good in this role. I don't want to get ahead of myself, I don't even know if it's gonna happen, just hope.

I'm pretty excited that they are actually making a movie based on the Broadway Musical, 'Rent' and have most of the original Broadway cast signed on to be in it. This is great. Here is the Cast:

Rosario Dawson .... Mimi Marquez
Matthew Dickens .... Bohemian
Taye Diggs .... Benjamin "Benny" Coffin III
Mackenzie Firgens .... April
Wilson Jermaine Heredia .... Angel Schunard
Aaron Lohr .... Steve
Jesse L. Martin .... Thomas B. "Tom" Collins
Idina Menzel .... Maureen Johnson
Adam Pascal .... Roger Davis
Anthony Rapp .... Mark Cohen
Jennifer Siebel .... Alison Grey
Tracie Thoms .... Joanne Jefferson
Wayne Wilcox .... Gordon

If you will notice, Mimi Marquez will be played by Rosario Dawson. At first I didn't know how this would go, then I saw 'Sin City' and wasn't worried. Also Joanne Jefferson is played by Tracie Thomas. These two obviously are not from the original cast. The other thing is they cast the parts of Alison and April who weren't actually in the production, just mentioned. I'm looking forward to this, hopefully they won't muck it up.

Anyway, I'm getting hungry.

The Fire

part I

Everyone is blind.
They constantly chatter, mindlessly.
I listen to the chatter
Eventually I block it out.
Left with no companion but myself.
I am not a good companion.

Everyone is blind.
They see nothing except what they choose to see.
They do not see the world burning.
It is going up in flames as they continue to babble.
The smoke begins to choke me and I cannot breathe.
I die before their eyes but they do not see.

Everyone is deaf.
I speak but no one hears me speaking.
They continue to chatter mindlessly because
they cannot hear me coughing and wheezing.
I am begging for help.
They do not hear.

Everyone is deaf.
I begin to cry because the smoke hurts my eyes.
They cannot hear my sobs
because they are mindlessly chattering.
Deafening themselves.
The fire burns and melts away my skin.

Everyone is blind and deaf.
They do not see me jumping out of the window.
They do not hear the glass shattter
as I crash through it and
plummet to my death
without a trace.

Everyone is deaf and blind.
I never stood a chance.
People mindlessly chatter and
they do not hear the
screams of pain from those who
are continuously burned by the fire.

~added by jakk miller


Friday, April 08, 2005

Thick Air

I walked outside earlier this week and could not breathe.
This only means that it's humid. I don't do well in humidity.
One of the reasons I hate living in Indiana, the summer isn't exactly fun
sometimes for me. I'm not so good with heat either. Humidity and heat together,
deadly combination.
It hasn't been the most fun week for me either.
Saturday I fell off a ladder at work. I was holding onto a piece of shelving
which was not firmly secured, it flipped up, I of course as always, was doing one of
my daring balancing act, dangling from the ladder so I would not have to climb down
and move the whole thing. It's more productive if you can do as much as you can up high. However, my method of working is not always the safest. Needless to say, when the shelving flipped up, I slipped, fell into the beam in the middle of two shelves and was wedged between the ladder and the shelving unit. My arm was stuck up in the air and I could not move by myself to right my self. I had to have my sister, who works with me sometimes, help me down. My whole left arm was sore the rest of the day. But I'm a trooper, I finished the day out and worked the next day also even though the pain had moved into my neck and I couldn't turn left. I didn't feel bad because I've seen 'Zoolander' so I know lot's of people can't turn left.
The weekend started out so well too. I went to see 'Sin City' Friday night with my boyfriend. We had both read the comic books years ago and both enjoyed them. I was really excited to see how the movie turned out because the trailer looked fabulous. I loved the movie it was like the comics came to life. Now some people say that B&W movies suck, but that's just a colorist attitude. The B& W decision was an artistic decision, had they made it in color totally, it would not have remained as true to the comic books. I saw it and was thinking the whole time that finally they made a comic book movie and it was actually for the people who read them and loved them.
Instead of some of those crappy Batman movies they kept making.
My neck doesn't hurt anymore, the ache went away sometime Tuesday. I've worked an inhuman amount of hours this week, Yeah!! I would complain but it all turns to joy when the check is direct deposited into my bank.

The other thing I did this week is, I got the movie 'Bruiser' from a third hand video store and I finally watched it. I found it highly amusing. Kind of sick I know. It's directed by George Romero, the maker of many movies from my favorite film genre, Zombie movies. This is not a zombie movie however. It's about a nice guy who finally gets pushed so far he loses his identity and has to take it back by any means necessary. It stars Jason Flemyng who is in a lot of things but I remember most as the putz in 'Tess of the D'Urbervilles' an A&E version of the book of the same name. He's so icky in 'Tess' and you feel sorry for him in 'Bruiser' to the point I couldn't figure out who he was. He's the kind of actor that you see all the time in movies but you don't remember his name. Like Ferris Bueller's best frien Cameron, I've seen that guy in lot's of stuff but I don't know his name. My sister got obnoxious while we were watching 'Bruiser' though because she kept saying that it this could never happen. I had to keep saying, It's George Romero, he's always trying to make a point you just have to find it. I think it's great myself. Definitly not his best work but worth checking out.
I've just written a lot. Wow.