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Monday, October 31, 2005

Still Halloween

Before he was Rhodes....


So I already celebrated Halloween all weekend basically.

Saturday we watched some classics, "Carnival of Souls" and "White Zombie" to start.

This was followed by a rather regretful viewing of this film: (Just read the review I agree with it with all my heart!)
"'ZOMBIEZ"-13 out of 15 people found the following comment useful:-
The single worst movie I have ever seen, 13 July 2005

Author: JDawg171 from United States

I cannot believe this insult to the movie industry was ever made. I was always under the impression that a movie had to have a plot. I was wrong. Or was I? Can this even be considered a movie? Not in my opinion.

I love zombie movies. Love, adore, thoroughly enjoy. I would have rather sat through 7 hours of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers than ever watch this movie again.

I want my dollar and six cents back that i split with a friend to rent this movie. Since when could zombies use weapons (that anyone can buy at the Halloween store come October time... you know, the outrageously fake looking sickles and dull gray plastic meat cleavers), have RATIONAL conversations with each other and their prey, sprint for 10minutes straight, and anger the viewer to such a degree that makes someone fart on the DVD itself? (true story)

Want confirmation that this is one of the worst movies ever? OK... here's a question you ask yourself to administer the "Worst Movie Ever" test. Is there a random person in a chicken suit being shot at for no reason? If you answered yes, this movie deserves the title "Worst Movie Ever". Sadly, for this movie, the answer is yes.

I don't know if this was designed to be a metaphor for the effects of drugs on people, or just the makers of the movie were high on crack themselves. I can't even list 1% of the things wrong with this movie. An unborn fetus could produce better work."~ from IMDB

After that, my sister came home and said, "Let's watch 'The Dead Don't Die'!" Well, we started too but it was so boring, so we watched 'Return of the Living Dead 4, Necropolis' Now, I slept part of the way through this film and still liked it better than 'Zombiez!'

Sunday I watched 'Night of the Living Dead' and 'Season of the Witch.'

That's about the extent of my Halloween festivities. I have to work tonight, so I can't celebrate. Feel free to share your Halloween activities.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Ok, so I've been absent.
My moving is taking a lot longer than expected. It has been rather difficult to get a time to sit down and write a post. I've had many things I've wanted to post on but I've missed them now and can't remember. Basically, I cancelled my cable internet access at my old home and my parents only have dial-up which sucks, they also only have only one phone line. I don't like monopolizing their phone. My other option is to use my computer at work, but I've been really busy at work. I only just got a chance just now to post this during my lunch.

I finally saw "Serenity" and it was fabulous. It was everything I hoped for. Totally worth the wait of all the time between the cancellation of the show, "Firefy," and this film. Several times since it's release I have heard people talking in public that they are watching the entire show so they will be caught up before they see the movie. Later I heard these same people say the show is great, they can't beleive it was cancelled and the movie was wonderful and they will see it again and again. It is actually not necessary to watch the show first but that will give you back story and you will know a little more about what is going on, the movie starts where the show left off.

Now, it is October so I once again bought a collection of obscure Zombie movies. You know bargain movies. I got 5 movies on two discs. Most of them were strange and not at all what I would call zombie movies. It contained, "Night of the Living Dead," of course I already had this one but not on dvd; "The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave," I do think I had seen it before I don't think I had blocked it out, this time it was merely creepy; "Terror-Creatures from the Grave," this is the name they had on the box, it starred the lovely Barbara Steele whom I remembered from "Black Sunday," (the first movie to ever terrify me, chilled me to the bone, on Sammy Terry); "Isle of the Snake People" This one I could not watch all the way through, seriously I couldn't get past the creepy voo doo priest midget! Really creepy!!; "Messiah of Evil" which was at the very least entertaining. This last one had a "Carnival of Souls" sort of feel. Anyway that's my new Zombie movie collection.

I try to post again tomorrow

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Let's shake things up a bit.....Life Chain

I went to the Life Chain on Sunday. Just as I do every year for as long as I can remember. I stood on the sidewalk holding my sign. It said: Abortion Kills Children. Why, well it just seems like the most shocking sign I could hold. The other choices were, "Lord Forgive us and our Nation," "Jesus forgives," "Abortion hurts women." Just not the things I thought were shocking enough for me. Do I think I changed anyone's mind? Not really, but driving down the street seeing all those people holding those signs had to get people to at least talk about it.

I remember first learning about abortion in junior high school. Before that I didn't even know that women would get pregnant, not want there baby and then decide to kill it.....That's the way I saw it then, and it's no different now. People will explain it away by saying, it's not really a person yet. What you aren't a person until your born? Why is it so bad to hurt pregnant women, they don't have a child inside of them, it's not born yet....It is a developing human from the time the sperm and the egg get together. A human with no rights though. Hell, a convict on death row has more rights. We have laws protecting the likes of Ed Gein, Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Jeffrey Dahmer. Laws that say they aren't allowed to kill people but they did and got caught and were punished, but even that was in a humane fashion. Go Here to find out about these guys:
Crime Library
These laws say that we can't or couldn't (some of them are dead now) throw them in a deep dark pit somewhere to die. Not that I'm saying this is what we should do to serial killers, or murderers in general. I think they should have to live because that's a worse punishment to live with the guilt of knowing what you did. I just think prison should be prison.

But a developing fetus has no rights because it hasn't finished developing yet. It's life taken before it began, it's dreams unrealized.
It seems so unfair some women can do the deed, create life, and just because it is inside of her she thinks she has the right to keep it from becoming. I've always felt this was wrong. The whole my body my choice is taken out of your hands once you have sex and create life. The choice is the sex, the baby is the consequence you can be a grown up about it and take care of it or you can give the baby to someone who will want it and love it.

I just hope that we got people at least to think about it and to talk about it. It's important to talk about it with anyone you are seeing especially when sex is involved. I did. When I got together with my current boyfriend and we started having sex, I layed it all on the table, if I was to get pregnant, I would never have an abortion, and I would prefer to be married if we had kids. The marriage thing isn't that important to me anymore, but I will still never have an abortion. The result is we always use protection because neither of us really want kids. Now that goes against the Catholic Church, I know, but so does having sex before marriage. I'm not very Catholic anymore anyway, and that's a whole other post.

My beliefs are pretty absolute. There really isn't any changing my mind. One thing I heard at the life chain was a woman driving by yelled out here window "If Jesus forgive, then why does it matter?" This is an argument I've heard many times being raised Catholic. It comes from people who don't understand Catholicism. They hear about confessing ones sins and how you can be absolved of your sins an they think that all you have to do is go tell the priest anything you did wrong and you are forgiven. This is not true. Your sins aren't forgiven just because you confess them. You have to mean it. You have to truly be sorry for you sins to have true forgiveness. It matters, it really does. Besides, if you know it's wrong, why do it?

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Serenity Now

Ok, Serenity opened. I don't know when I'll get to see it. No one is available today and I have to work every night this weekend. I guess probably next weekend. I hate going to movies alone. So if you saw it, please just say it was good, but don't tell me what happens. Well unless you didn't like it, Which I don't see how that could be.

Anyway, I had a total "Dreamcatchers" (you know, the movie?) moment yesterday. I went to Long John Silver's to pick up dinner last night. In the parking lot, sitting by the side of the building, was a big fat woman in a sweat suit with a coat on and gloves and one of those hunting caps. She was just sitting there, just like in "Dreamcatchers" the big fat woman in the middle of the road. I really didn't think much of it except, weird, it wasn't so cold yesterday to require such gear. I came out and she was still sitting there. It was so creepy, especially when she turned her head and looked at me. I just got out of there because I didn't know if she was infected with some alien disease thing or anything that could happen.